SHOWFFERS is founded on a great mutual respect and admiration for one another. The three of us met while working at a medical device company that was putting on over 100 tradeshows a year. The environment was tough, the demands grueling. We gravitated towards one another because of a shared mindset. We were each creative problem solvers & can-do makers – undaunted by challenge and ready to build new ways of getting things done.

We have now reunited this entrepreneurial trio to share our experiences and offer support to those who are on their own marketing journey. This podcast and the tools we are creating are designed to restore delight to tradeshow and event planning and execution as well as offer support along the way – because as the Showffers always say, “if it isn’t fun, we’re not doing it right!”

Our Experience

Kate started her journey as a NASA engineer and eventually went to business school where she fell in love with marketing. With over 20 years of marketing experience in settings blockbuster to boutique across many industries, she shares her knowledge and experience wrapped up in stories that are both heartwarming and, occasionally, heartbreaking. Kate is a serial entrepreneur and , with her daughter, cofounded the company Wotter Swim dedicated to keeping girls in sports. She is also cofounder of xElle Ventures, an angel investment group dedicated to funding female founders.

Lilo started her career as a service coordinator where she slayed the customer service industry. Having a burning desire to work in marketing, she made a blind leap into the thick of it when a position opened up for a tradeshow coordinator. She has been deep in the trenches and shares learnings from experiences both awesome and devastating. Lilo now works in marketing for one of the top fortune 100 companies in the world.

Britt, like Kate, started out as an engineer. Britt has more than ten years in the medical device industry, with varying roles such as research scientist, engineer, customer service manager, and now Director of Operations. Her creativity, passion for data, and entrepreneurial spirit has made her a valuable contributor in any role she touches. In her free time, you’ll find her assisting local non-profits and painting colorful portraits (you can check out her art at: